LLC ENERGOTONIСA was established by experts in the field of mechanical engineering and heat power engineering. The company is in the business of research and production drawing on its innovative projects. The main focuses of the company's activities include alternative energy, waste recycling to produce heat and electricity, and machinery for advanced processing of raw wood. Today we offer our products: thermal power plants (generating sets) fuelled by wood, agricultural, household and industrial waste with a capacity of 1 to 200 kW; thermal machines - external combustion engines; heat generators and heat exchangers for steam, water and air heating systems and various production processes; equipment for wood treatment and processing of wood waste in lumber factories and agricultural waste in farms in order to produce finished products.

Years of cutting-edge design efforts have resulted in the creation of a highly effective power-generating equipment fuelled by combustible waste! Innovative products offer reliability, efficiency and affordability. The prime cost of electricity generated by our machines is up to 1.5 rubles per 1 kWh, with a bonus of free heat!

Important and promising vector for the development of LLC ENERGOTONICA is engine manufacturing.  Our R&D engineers have created prototypes of rotor and piston heat engines for use as internal and external combustion engines, compressors, pneumatic motors and refrigeration units.

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